Monday, December 27, 2010

Destination of the Day: The Joans at the Flesh Hungry Dog Show, Chicago, IL

Destination 2 in the series "2 Megapixels"

After a long day hiking, visiting historic sites, and attending a game, it can be a little difficult for the CTer to enjoy an area's music scene.  But for those who can take just a few more hours of exploring might stumble across the next big thing, or maybe just someone's mid-life crisis!  

The Flesh Hungry Dog Show ( offers the CTer an opportunity to sample three or four interesting and imaginative bands.  Held in a bar in the city's Rogers Park neighborhood (take Red Line from downtown to Loyola Station, walk west to North Clark and West Devon) a brave soul can feast on some good music, great conversation, and if nothing else, a cool beverage.  


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