Friday, December 31, 2010

Destination of the Day: Macy's-State Street, Chicago, IL

Destination 6 in the series "2 Megapixels"

A world-class city is not complete without a great downtown department store.  Regardless if you still call it Marshall Field's or  now Macy's, the store at State and Randolph is one of the original greats.  Built when people dressed up for all day shopping excursions, it puts to shame the generic big-box stores and faceless shopping malls many of us have grown up with.  At eight stories and the size of a city block it was the mall of its time.  Fortunately for residents and visitors alike it has remained true while adapting to the needs of today's demanding public.  During the holiday season do not miss the decorated widows along State Street. For lunch or dinner there is almost nothing more special than enjoying a meal with friends under the Walnut Room Christmas Tree.

The photo from the seventh floor looking down from the central atrium during the holiday rush.  

Macy's State Street is located in Chicago-Downtown with a direct link to the CTA Red Line Lake Street station.


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