Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Destination of the Day: Cereal City USA, Battle Creek, MI

Destination 3 in the series "R.I.P."

Opened: 28 May 1996.  Closed: 3 January 2007.  Battle Creek and the rest of Michigan have seen some major attractions disappear.  A few years before Cereal City the big downtown development was McCamly Place.  The festival marketplace was to reenergize the downtown district.  It closed a few years later and is now an extension of a attached hotel.

Opened to replace the Kellogg factory tours the hopes and goals were high for Cereal City.  A playland for visitors to learn more about cereal, see a miniature factory at work, and of course show off the vast Kellogg empire.  Projected to have 400,000 visitors annually, only 162,000 attended the first year.  By 2006 that number dropped to only 79,500.  I was one of those visitors only about two weeks before it was closed.

Kellogg's Cereal City closes it's doors immediately-

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