Sunday, January 16, 2011

Destination of the Day: Charming Charles' Haunted House, Cave City, KY

Destination 6 in the series "R.I.P."

Opened: No Info.  Closed: No Info.  Can an entire city close down?  A visitor can quickly imagine what this city must have been like decades ago.  Now the vast parking lots are empty, signs still advertise long-closed attractions, the paint is faded and pealing, and the tired restaurants sit mostly quiet except for the occasional senior citizen and the adventurous CTer.  Might Cave City someday be preserved and protected like Calumet, Michigan, to remind people of vacations without iPads?  Charming Charles' sits with some other limping, but still 'open', attractions - Guntown Mountain (complete with ski lift, gun fights, and dancing girls), Onyx Cave, and across the street Dinosaur World.  

The link is to a YouTube tour of Charming Charles'. 

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Guntown Mountain-

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