Saturday, January 1, 2011

Destination of the Day: Northalsted Halloween Parade, Chicago-Lake View, IL

Destination 7 in the series "2 Megapixels"

The final photo of the series, and the one to mark the new year, may be one of the most haunting photos in the collection.  Chicago's Lake View community is located 5 miles north of downtown and is where many Chicagoans go to play.  Home of Wrigley Field, many of the city's gay bars, and  countless theaters and restaurants Lake View can almost be a standalone weekend vacation visit for the CTer.  

The Northalsted Business Alliance, covering the North Halsted section of Lake View, sponsors multiple major activities during the year.  Among the events is the annual Halloween parade.  With Halloween 2010 falling on a Sunday attendees had plenty of time to prepare elaborate costumes.  This ghostly character was walking the street shortly after the parade.  As a luck may have it the camera caught the surrounding activity as a strange blur while the being looks eerily on.  

Chicago Lake View is accessible by both the CTA Brown Line and Red Line.


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