Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Review: Detroit-Midtown

Overview: Detroit-Midtown is located north of downtown and is generally bounded by the four major expressways.  Home of Wayne State University, Detroit Medical Center, and the College for Creative Studies the area has seen a bit of a rebirth over the last few years, but caution should still be taken especially in the southwest corner of the neighborhood (sadly, right around the Masonic Temple Theatre).  Use DDOT Route 53-Woodward to travel from downtown to the major museums.   

Places Visited:
-Detroit Institute of Arts (http://www.dia.org/): At $8/adult, this might be one of the least expensive art museums in the GL&US region.  Entrance is now on Farnsworth Street.  Light breakfast is available in Kresge Court with lunch available there and in CafeDIA.  Layout is a little difficult at first but worth the effort.  DO NOT MISS THE RIVERA COURT!


-Detroit Historical Museum (http://www.detroithistorical.org/): Okay for about an hour and a half visit and covers strictly Detroit and some suburbs.  Displays have not been updated since 1996 so a little dated.  Streets of Old Detroit a little underwhelming when compared to other similar exhibits elsewhere.  

-MGM Grand Detroit (http://mgmgranddetroit.com/):  Located downtown, I can see why this casino is the most popular of the three downtown casinos (two more are located in Windsor).  Plenty of games, tables, and restaurant options.  Only ONE place to get free soda, and not at all marked.  Unfortunately smoking is allowed on the gaming floor, but only saw a few people actually smoking.  The non-smoking area looked like an afterthought and was packed.  Casino itself feels a bit isolated in the northwest corner of downtown with few places within comfortable walking distance.

-Traffic Jam & Snug (http://www.trafficjamdetroit.com/): NICE!  A casual restaurant, bar, bakery, and brewery.  Waiter was fun, but it did seem to take a bit for a simple burger order.  Beer was tasty.  The restaurant does offer off-street parking across the street.  If parked there, check with waitstaff before departing with the intention of visiting the brewery across the street.

Robert Maihofer

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