Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Destination of the Day: The Old Creamery Theatre Company Main Stage, Amana, IA

Destination 2 in the series "Bright Lights, Small City"

Old Creamery Theatre Company, located on rural street and across from a camp site, should not be missed on a trip to the Amana Colonies.  One of the oldest professional theatre companies in Iowa the theatre tries to balance forgettable candy with some serious work. When purchasing tickets for any production be certain if the performance is at the main stage (not as hard to locate) or the studio theatre (located in a former school and much more difficult to find).  

Upcoming Performances:
The Dixie Swim Club: 28 April - 29 May
GI Jukebox: 2 June - 13 July
Suds: 4 August - 11 September
Boeing-Boeing: 15 September - 16 October
The Mousetrap: 20 October - 13 November
A Don't Hug Me Christmas Carol: 17 November - 18 December

Old Creamery Theatre Company
39 38th Avenue
Amana, IA 52203

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