Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Special June Spotlight: "Gaga, AGAIN?": For the Weekend 24-26 June

Special June Spotlight: "Gaga, AGAIN?"
For the Weekend 24-26 June

-Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN, Twin Cities Pride 2011

-St. Louis, MO, Pridefest 2011

-Cleveland/Akron, OH, Pride 2011

-Lexington, KY, Lexington Pride Festival 2011

-Chicago, IL, Chicago Gay Pride 2011
The first documented Chicago Pride parade was on 28 June 1970 and had all of about 150-200 watching.  Contrast that with the current 2.4 mile parade, lasting nearly 4 hours, with nearly 450,000 people of all walks of life enjoying one of the biggest, wildest, and most interesting parades in Chicago.  Last year's parade included the Stanley Cup (sponsored by the local GLBT hockey club and the Chicago Blackhawks) and the Chicago Cubs (long overdue!).  For those enjoying an extended weekend make plans to visit The Chicago History Museum's "Out in Chicago" special exhibit (, the Friday and Saturday Pride Fest (, the Grant Park Music Festival (, and (with a little luck) one of the hundreds of private parties held in the condos/apartments overlooking Halsted Street.  The festivities continue the following weekend with Chicago Windy City Black Pride (

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