Monday, January 30, 2012

Great Lakes & Upper South in the News: "Museum planned in Louisville Water Co. pump station" from Courier-Journal

"The Louisville Water Co. plans a $2.35 million interior restoration of its landmark original Pumping Station at Zorn Avenue and River Road.

Part of the project will be a “Water Works Museum” designed to showcase the utility and its 150-year history.

It will be the first interior restoration of the site since 1978, with plans calling for Pumping Station No. 1 to be restored as closely as possible to its condition when it began operating in 1860. Exterior renovation of both the Pumping Station and companion Water Tower were completed in recent years.

In 1971, both were designated National Historic Landmarks.

“Louisville Water’s history is Louisville’s history, and it is rich with scientific and engineering innovation and architectural achievement,” said Greg Heitzman, the company president and chief executive officer. “This project is part of our long-standing commitment to preserve the infrastructure and stories about the people who have guided us.”

The museum will include photographs, film and interactive displays that tell how Louisville Water has helped shaped the city’s past and present."


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