Thursday, January 5, 2012

Great Lakes & Upper South in the News: "New challenges for Detroit- Longtime residents feel they are getting pushed out by newcomers moving to the city" from the Detroit News

"At a recent Midtown preview of a documentary about Detroit to be shown in Germany and France, longtime city resident and artist Olayami Dabls sat in "amazement," he said.

"I have not seen so many people of African descent and people of color in any other documentary about Detroit," said Dabls, who is featured in the film.

That's saying something because Detroit, whose population is 82 percent black, has been the focus of many documentaries with more on the way. Perhaps half of the people interviewed in the documentary featuring Dabls are African-American.

The film focuses on the same theme many boosters, investors and new online media sites cast about Detroit — a new city emerging from its post-industrial ruins. But a growing number of Detroiters say they often feel left out of that positive story. Though Detroit is on the verge of bankruptcy, it is starting to deal with issues of gentrification, where some people are getting pushed out.

Many potential home buyers in Corktown, Midtown and downtown often get outbid, many real estate agents said. It's a combination of not enough high-quality inventory and stiff competition."


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