Friday, December 5, 2014

Destination of the Week: Chicago-Hyde Park, IL-Pullman Historic District

Destination of the Week: Chicago-Hyde Park, IL-Pullman Historic District 

The Pullman Historic District, about ten miles south of Hyde Park, might be one of Chicago’s most overlooked historic districts.  Some of its issues is location and challenged marketing.  The worn, but informative, welcome center is difficult to find.  On my visit a couple, seeing me walking with my camera, asked if anything was open to tour.  This occurred only a few feet from the welcome center (little signage from the main entry point, a parking lot that looks abandoned, etc.).    Fortunately, GLCTers are a hardy bunch!  Begin at the hidden visitors center, pay the donation (its needed), and after touring the center use the provided map to explore this tight neighborhood.  Make a point of walking a half block north to the fire-damaged factory.  The grounds are used as a community garden and the factory is occasionally used for art installations.

Some good news-the area is under consideration as a national park.  Hopefully this will provide the funds and marketing expertise of the NPS.

11141 S Cottage Grove Ave, Chicago, IL 60628


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