Monday, December 15, 2014

Destination of the Week: LaSalle County, IL

Destination of the Week: LaSalle County, IL

Just beyond the bright lights of Chicago is LaSalle County.  This rural community, crisscrossed by I-80 and I-39, is mostly farmland, state parks, and truck stops.  This quiet, fairly laid back, area gives one a chance to think, relax, and see the stars.  But it was not always this way.  Long before expressways and railroads there was the Illinois and Michigan Canal.  The important waterway helped develop many of the now sleepy towns near the Illinois River.  Some towns have since become truck stops, warehouse stations, and minor tourist spots, while others seem locked in time.  With limited public transport this is an area that requires access to a car.

Go if you like:
-State parks
-Illinois and Michigan Canal history

Distance (Driving):
-Chicago: 80.8 miles/1h 21m
-Davenport (Quad Cities): 105 miles/1h 36m
-Madison: 153 miles/2h 19m
-St. Louis: 243 miles, 3h 33m
-Indianapolis: 232 miles/3h 27m

Also serviced by:
No commercial airport.

No Amtrak service.



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