Sunday, January 25, 2015

Destination of the Week: Chicago-Kenosha County, WI

Destination of the Week: Chicago-Kenosha County, WI

There is a magical place in the northern suburbs of Chicago were the football jerseys change from blue and orange to green and gold, where cheese shops spring up, and people begin speaking with a little bit of an accent.  Welcome to Chicago’s northern most suburb - Kenosha!  With a city proper population of nearly 100,000, Kenosha holds its own with attractions, activities, nightlife, and shopping that should keep a GLCT weekender pretty busy.  Kenosha is also a fantastic example of an older industrial beach town reinventing itself.  Once the home of a major auto plant, the once bare downtown blocks are now weekend and year-round housing.  In the smaller town of Pleasant Prairie, south of Kenosha, a jelly bean warehouse, outlet mall, and a renaissance faire park makes for some great summer fun.

A special note for weekend public transportation travelers: carefully read the Metra schedule for arrival and departure times, AND DO NOT MISS THEM!  While part of the great Chicago rail network, Kenosha can have very limited weekend service.

Go if you like:
-Outlet mall shopping

Distance (Driving):
-Milwaukee: 40.1 miles/0h 49m
-Davenport: 211 miles/3h 23m
-Toledo: 310 miles/4h 52m
-Indianapolis: 253 miles/3h 52m

Also serviced by:
Air (Chicago Midway International Airport, O'Hare International Airport)
Metra (Kenosha Station)

No Amtrak service



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