Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Destination of the Week: Madison, WI

Destination of the Week: Madison, WI

It can be easy to become jaded by tourism brochures and web sites – a town cannot really be THAT fun, can it?  Visit Madison in the summer and you will know instantly the tourism bureau has no need to stretch the truth.  Expect to stay busy during your visit hitting a wide range of museums, relaxing by the TWO lakes, or taking in the street life and one of many bars and restaurants that dot the downtown district.  This is a town that you will quickly rethink staying at a suburban or edge hotel!  Public transportation can be a bit tricky to some destinations so if you are planning to visit the zoo, catch a minor league baseball game, or visit the national mustard museum, be prepared to hail a cab!  Otherwise, get out the comfy walking shoes, grab a map, and explore this jewel of a town.

Go if you like:
-Big Ten universities
-State museums

Distance (Driving):
-Chicago: 147 miles/2h 31m
-Minneapolis: 268 miles/4h 13m
-Saint Louis: 360 miles/5h 27m

Also serviced by:
Air (Dane County Regional Airport)
Amtrak (Thruway service from Chicago)



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