Monday, June 29, 2015

Destination of the Week: Louisville, KY

Destination of the Week: Louisville, KY

Louisville’s place in the Upper South is nearly unequaled.  Cincinnati is solidly Midwest with its attitude, commerce, and attractions.  Nashville helps anchor Tennessee and is just a southern capital like few others.  Louisville though links the two regions.  While downtown lacks any real retail strips, it does have enough bars, museums, brand centers, and other attractions to keep one pretty satisfied.  In the surrounding neighborhoods there is the world-famous Churchill Downs, Louisville Zoo, Kentucky Kingdom (a reopened amusement park), and the currently closed Speed Museum.  For a taste of community life check out Bardstown Road from about Highland Avenue to Douglass Boulevard.  With bars, retailers, and great people watching places, this area makes for a nice destination for the GLCTer wanting something a bit different.

Go if you like:
-Horse racing
-Bourbon tours

Distance (Driving):
-Nashville: 175 miles/2h 50 m
-Lexington: 78.3 miles/1h 21m
-Cincinnati: 99.4 miles/1h 38m
-Indianapolis: 114 miles/1h 53m

Also serviced by:
-Air (Louisville International Airport)
-Amtrak (Station Building, thruway service)



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