Sunday, June 21, 2015

Destination of the Week: Orange County, IN

Destination of the Week: Orange County, IN

It is easy to confuse Orange County, Indiana, and the ‘other’ Orange County.  Oh, well, maybe not so much! Isolated from the rest of the world by massive national and state parks, Orange County gives a person time to think and relax.  Most activities are located in French Lick and West Baden Springs, with the rest of the county as a nice backdrop.  Unfortunately the area continues to lack a range of activities other vacations areas offer-art museums, theatres, and agribusiness attractions.  If it rains, make sure you have a number of novels at the ready.  As for reading places, it might be hard to find just one place.  With front porches, lobbies, and reading rooms out of movie sets, you might just give up reading and take a deeply relaxing nap.

When traveling around or to Orange County make sure you have plenty of fuel and take washroom breaks whenever possible.  The two nearest expressway exits do not currently have gas stations or any other service areas.  Once in the county there is a high likelihood that your smartphone will be pretty worthless.  It may pay to print maps in advance with any attractions speced.

Go if you like:
-Very quiet evenings

Distance (Driving):
-Indianapolis: 103 miles/2h 13m
-Louisville: 74.5 miles/1h 13m
-Cincinnati: 173 miles/2h 42m
-St. Louis: 235 miles/3h 35m

Also serviced by:
No commercial airport.

No Amtrak service.



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