Sunday, July 26, 2015

Destination of the Week: Chicago-Near North Side Communities, IL

Destination of the Week: Chicago-Near North Side Communities, IL

When people name Chicago communities, Lincoln Park and Lake View (also spelled Lakeview) are nearly always the first places listed. Located just north of downtown Chicago, the two communities and North Center are popular areas to live and play.  All three enjoy considerable access to CTA’s El system which makes public transport the best choice when visiting the three communities.  

Lincoln Park: Lincoln Park may be the premier Chicago community.  Full of high end homes, apartments, and retailers, the community shows how an urban area should feel and look.  Toward the southern end is Old Town with its cluster of pre- and post-Great Chicago Fire homes.  DePaul University is located on the western end and provides much needed green space and cultural opportunities.  Lincoln Park is also home of many of Chicago’s famed theatres, including Second City, Steppenwolf, and the Royal George Theatre.  One the east end is the Lincoln Park Zoo.    

Near North Side-Also known at the North & Clybourn area and Goose Island, the community is the go-to area for chain store neighborhood shopping, including an Apple store, Whole Foods, and other chain retail stores.

Lake View: Lake View (also spelled Lakeview) gives a newbie a glimpse of the potpourri of Chicago life.  Do not be one bit surprised to find families leaving Wrigley Field walking by performing drag queens while ‘bros are drinking beer with their buds.  Lake View’s neighborhoods include BoysTown, Wrigleyville, and Southport Avenue. 

North Center: Of the three, North Center is probably the most laidback and relaxed.  Its best-known neighborhood is Roscoe Village.  Located on West Roscoe from about North Oakley Avenue and North Damen Avenue, it would be easy to mistake the area for a small town.  

Go if you like:
-Established big-city neighborhoods 
-LGBTQ bars and events 

Distance (Driving):
-Detroit: 275 miles/4h 13m
-Milwaukee: 100 miles/1h 51m
-Quad Cities: 181 miles/2h 53m
-St. Louis: 298 miles/4h 31m
-Indianapolis: 175 miles/2h 54m

Also serviced by:
-Air (Chicago Midway International Airport, O'Hare International Airport)
-Amtrak (Chicago-Union Station)



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