Monday, October 19, 2015

Destination of the Week: Lexington, KY (Part 2)

Destination of the Week: Lexington, KY (Part 2)

Note: This is Part 2 of exploring Lexington.  Part 1 was run the Week of July 6.

Lexington is a four trick pony-bourbon, home tours, University of Kentucky, and horse farms.  Unlike other cities of similar size, Lexington lacks a major art museum, history museum (closed), or even a natural history museum.  The downtown area is okay, but lacks the energy one would think a city like Lexington should have in its central area.  This may be due to the vast sprawl. Part of the problem is that Lexington is a city/county unified region.  Like Indianapolis, Louisville, and Columbus, the city and its surrounding county merged giving a higher population number than really is earned.  A car is almost essential.

But, for those willing to work (and drive), the region does offer some one-of-a-kind sites.  Not far from downtown are vast horse farms.  With barns nicer than most homes, the horse farms can make for fun viewing.  Some farms do offer tours with advance reservations.  Bourbon tours are also popular.

Finally, it is recommended to make a inexpensive investment in a local map.  Some areas, even ‘close’ to the downtown, have poor data connections making digital maps difficult to use.

Go if you like:
-Horse farms
-Home tours
-Bourbon tours

Distance (Driving):
-Nashville: 214 miles/3h 17m
-Louisville: 78.6 miles/1h 20m
-Cincinnati: 83.0 miles/1h 23m
-Charleston: 176 miles/2h 44m

Also serviced by:
-Air (Blue Grass Airport)
-No Amtrak service



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